Warranty commences from the date of purchase and considered null and void if particulars are incomplete and the MAIL COPY not received within seven (7) days.

Warranty Registration Card


The warranty card comes with 3 copies and it must be filled by dealer and your goodself:

  1. Blue Copy – Customers’ Copy
  2. Yellow Copy – Dealers’ Copy
  3. White Copy – Mail Copy

Each of the units will come with one warranty card, ie. One (1) warranty card is for indoor unit & One (1) warranty card is for outdoor unit. You should ensure that the following detail is generated by FE Denki Services Sdn. Bhd.

  1. Dealer Code
  2. Invoice No & Date
  3. Model Number – same as your air conditioning unit
  4. Serial Number – same as your air conditioning unit
Warranty Terms & Conditions
  1. We warrant the product to be free from manufacturing defects arising from normal usage purchased through our authorized dealer for the following period.
    1. Compressor [1.0HP to 2.5HP] ------- 5 years.
    2. Compressor [3.0HP & above] ------- 1 year.
    3. Other Parts ------- 1 year.

      Compressor ~ Only free one replacement within warranty period After one (1) year warranty period, all cost (labour, transportation, parts & etc.) will be borne by the owner.

  2. The warranty does not cover :
    1. Cabinet, cover, diagnosis calls, belts, batteries, bearings, glass, plaster panels and plastic parts, filters, strainers, driers, refrigerant, old pricing, extruded, old piping, extruded parts such as knobs, levers, sockets, plugs, remote control unit and detachable parts or accessories.
    2. Transportation handling or delivery charges in the unit to and from our service centre.
    3. Transportation for checking, mis-installation of system(s) (eg. piping, insulation, PVC drainage pipe, wires and condensation from fan coil unit to condensing unit).
    4. Re-locate (re-install) equipment.
    5. Routine maintenance servicing / cleaning.
    6. Failure or defect to abnormal voltage supply.

  3. The warranty will be null and void in any of the following events:
    1. If the serial number on the equipment has been defaced or removed.
    2. If this warranty card and purchase invoice is lost or failure to produce to our service personnel for verification prior to any service and work rendered.
    3. Failure due to act of God, accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation and service practices, negligence, corrosion, erosion or damages caused by tampering and unauthorized repair, alteration or modification.
    4. Full particulars not clearly shown or alterations made on the warranty card or product.
    5. The air conditioner had not been installed properly, maintained or operated in accordance with instruction given by the manufacturer.

  4. In no event that the said clauses (b and c) are mislead transportation and service charges will be imposed.

  5. This warranty is irreplaceable in the event of loss, non-transferable and only valid in Malaysia.